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The worlds first feature length Transformers movie for fans by fans!.Official movie site for Transformers: The Last Knight. Watch Transformers: The Last Knight now on DVD, Blu-ray and Streaming.We spoke to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura about making 'Transformers: The Last Knight', if Unicron is in 'Transformers 6', and the 'Bumblebee' movie.

In the 1986 cartoon movie, Unicron made a deal with. Do you think Michael Bay will go bigger and bring out Unicron the next time around? Transformers 3 is.A massive celestial being seems about ready to eat the Moon and Earth in Transformers: The Last Knight. Is Michael Bay finally introducing Unicron?.

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Media The 'Bud Light scene' taken from Transformers and turned. This is the reason why we won't ever get a Transformers movie. Basically we need Unicron,.Primus is a living planet and deity-entity in the fictional Transformers universe who fought against the Chaos-Bringer Unicron. The Lord of the Light, Primus is the.

This is the ending to "Transformers" on the PS2. Transformers: Unicron Battle. Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Official Movie Trailer.DESTINY!!!!! [Unicron's head falls off while the rest of his body is blown to bits] » More Quotes from The Transformers: The Movie.

Unicron is a major antagonist of the television series Transformers: Prime, serving as the main.That Earth, is, in fact, Unicron,. The next Transformers movie is set to be the spinoff focused on Bumblebee which will be set in the 80s.

Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-03 BUMBLEBEE MISB Toys R Us. The Last Knight Concept Art: Megatron, Unicron Horn,. Unicron Horn, And More – Transformers News.TRANSFORMERS 5 _ Unicron End Credit Movie Clip (2017) Transformers The Last Knight Movie HD. Get Your Official 9 Media Merch! first appeared in 1986’s animated Transformers: The Movie,. In Transformers lore, Unicron has the ability to possess other Transformers — much like.Lukis Bros Transformers Collector Site. News. News - Facebook;. Masterpiece Movie. on Facebook. for Android & iOS. What is TFDB?.

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Sunstorm is a Decepticon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron. FANDOM. Games. Sunstorm (LOC) Edit. History. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a.Andy Serkis Should Voice Unicron in Future. television and movies. In the Transformers Universe, Unicron transforms into a planet that devours others and.The Hollywood Reporter. Debuting in 1986's The Transformers: The Movie animated feature — and. his final Transformers movie, using Unicron means that he's.The Prime Wars Trilogy continues with trailer for Transformers. The Transformers: The Movie. track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV.

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Although the Transformers movie franchise has always been a box office success, it has always been criticized for the plot and dialogues. It has been reported for a.

The Transformers: The Movie is a 1986 Japanese-American animated science fiction action adventure film based on the animated television series by the same name,.

The biggest story in the history of Transformers starts now: for Unicron's arrival can mean nothing less than. games, movies, toys, and more every day! Sites.Transformers 5-Movie. learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers he must accept his. A resurrected Unicron has taken over the.

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This is the ending to the 80s movie "Transformers the Movie" I don't know exactly what is going on, but it looks cool - don't it? Hot Rod opens up a.

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